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What is FLOW?

FLOW is a project taken from the concept of “Raining Poetry” in Boston and Philadelphia. It began as a collaboration between city leaders, business owners, and community artists. Using a biodegradable water-repellent spray and stencils made by local artists, written word is placed throughout the streets of these cities. The poetry is visible only when it rains.  Click here to read an article about the concept.

FLOW (playing off of the flow of water, words, and traffic) is a project that will utilize the incorporation of poetry, prose, and lyrics into the urban environment to spread positivity, hope and connectivity. This project will also utilize stencils and water-repellent spray. Part of the objective is to use written word to retrace the paths of Birmingham’s original street car lines which once connected the city. By calling attention to the now absent transportation, changes can be made to reconnect parts of the city and assist in revitalization through community art.

There is an open call for submissions. You can submit original works or quotes from your favorite speech, book, poem, song, etc…anything that might inspire you on a rainy day in 200 characters or less.

By opening the call for submissions to students of the Baldwin and Mobile country area, we hope to expand the project’s potential and coverage. There are many old trolley lines that once served as public transportation throughout the state, and we feel that the idea can be supported to serve many purposes…if not just brightening a rainy day.

Forever Leaving Our Words #FLOW

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