Do.Re.Me Movement is a platform created with the purpose of figuring out “You”.  We are an artist community and online platform that posts content to encourage conversation, debate, and the cultivation of ideas. Members sign up for free, sell their art/products, get feedback on ideas, and use their voice as currency all on one platform.  We believe in the power of self-expression and came up with this platform as a means to inspire free thought.

Every time you express yourself in a comment; rather it be debate, discussion, or just an opinion you earn points which store in your member profile and can be converted into DoReMe Dollars™.  DoReMe Dollars™ can be redeemed in upon checkout to purchase items from our store. Essentially you are using your voice as currency.

 1 “DoReMe Dollar™”  = $0.25 USD.

Artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs are encouraged to sell items in our web store or showcase their music on our site. Learn more HERE.

Entertain your intellect, give your opinion, purchase items for free and have fun doing it.  Be the person you are, Cultivate Your Curiosity & Spend It.

DiscoveringOurselves.  RevolutionizingEarth.  MaintainingEnlightenment.


We are a community of artists, musicians, and intellectuals that believe in the power of self-expression. Our website is a content aggregating platform that allows members to connect and network with likeminded individuals, showcase their art, & receive DoReMe Dollars™ for their opinions, ideas, and assertions.

Points are what you earn when you comment on material. Members receive 1 point for leaving a comment, 2 for replying to someone, and 3 for replying to another reply, the goal is to facilitate conversation and give you an incentive to do so.

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